How to Buy a Bicycle: Bike shopping tips for the urban commuter

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You can buy a bike for US$30, or you can buy one for US$3,000. Each one may give its rider years of service and enjoyment. Where in that spectrum do you belong? A lot of sites like help riders make right choice but eventually having a lit bit of knowledge will help you too.

You should spend at least as much time shopping for the right bike as you would put into buying any good piece of sports equipment or an expensive item of clothing. As with these other products, you should consider your own particular needs, style and habits. Will you be riding for short trips around the city? Will you also be doing longer, recreational rides? Do you plan to ride through a cold, snowy winter season? Where will you end up parking the bike?

Perhaps the first question to ask yourself is “new or used”?

If you don’t mind rising a “precycled” bike, as one shop owner I know puts it, then your costs will immediately drop. A lower-priced bicycle is a good option for a bike commuter, because bike theft is a reality in most parts of the world. Perhaps it’s not quite so painful to lose one or two US$150 bikes as it is to lose one that cost US$1,500. In fact, unless you want a bike for competitive racing or long-distance touring, you should be able to get a very good bike new for something between US$150 and US$650. (One of the biggest factors that decides price is the weight of the bike: the less you pay, the more it weighs.)

These days, used bikes are often available at dependable bike shops. Unfortunately, there are also unscrupulous operators in many locales who thrive by selling stolen bicycles. (The only ethical time to buy a stolen bicycle is when you get it in a police auction of stolen goods. If your area has one of these, do check it out, as it can be a great source of bargains.)

Ask cycling friends to recommend a trustworthy used bike outlet. It would be wise to avoid buying your used bicycle at a junk store, a yard sale or a thrift outlet. Unless you’re quite knowledgeable about bike mechanics, these places may not be offering the bargains they seem to promise. All too often, you may bring home a bicycle with dangerous or unfixable defects like a bent frame, or one that needs so many replacement parts that you end up spending more than the initial cost of the bike to make it rideable.

5 Easiest Beginners Tricks You Can Learn Quickly!

Here is the thing, if you are just starting off and attempting advance tricks there is a huge chance that you are going to hurt yourself or at the least fail multiple times. So before you start trying advance tricks lets get started on simple beginner tricks that you can do easily.

Once you get good with these tricks you can always move on and up the ladder and attempt more and more advanced tricks but for now lets focus on these simple and easy tricks.

BMX Tips and Tracks for Beginners in Indiana and Kentucky

While usually thought of as a teenagers’ domain, BMX tracks in Indiana and Kentucky welcome families looking for healthy, inexpensive activities that they can do together.

Although an offshoot from motorcycle motocross racing, BMX (bicycle motocross) welcomes riders as young as three to tracks and events, just make sure that they have the best bmx bikes for street riding.

Getting Started in BMX

Matt Nicholson, BMX competitor and owner of B2 Bikes & Boards in Seymour, Indiana, notes that the only skill requirements are being able to ride a bike without training wheels and being able to stand up on the bike’s pedals.

For equipment needs, riders require full face helmets, jeans, closed toe shoes and long-sleeved shirts. Some tracks recommend knee and elbow pads and gloves but these are not always required. If new riders aren’t ready to make a full financial commitment, they may prefer to visit the tracks that will rent helmets at nominal fees. Bicycles should not have reflectors, kickstands or chain guards, because these could be safety hazards when riders fall.

At many tracks, Nicholson says, the older riders help teach the younger riders and there are many different skill level on the same track. This camaraderie works well for families or groups of kids interested in BMX. In addition, Nicholson notes that many BMX riders gain experience that helps them if they also participate in mountain biking.

Easy Beginners’ Tricks

Part of the fun of BMX comes from the tricks on the course. Novice riders can often master the bunny hop, or gentle jump, and wheelies in which the bike’s front wheel leaves the ground.

Organizations and Competitions

As riders become more comfortable with their skills, they may find competitive racing a challenging way to broaden their interest in the sport. Fortunately, there are many national and state resources that help participants locate tracks, race schedules and follow standings of individual racers.

Since its inception in the 1970s, BMX has come into its own with world and national championships and national organizations designed to help the sport grow. Indianapolis, Indiana, held the first international BMX Race on December 30, 1978, leading to a rise in popularity that

eventually resulted in BMX as being part of extreme sports. In spite of this designation, local tracks remain welcoming to kids.

The American Bicycle Association lists races, well-known racers and other relevant information about the competitive side of BMX. The National Bicycle League highlights races throughout the Midwest.

Kentucky BMX Tracks

In Louisville, Kentucky, riders flock to Tom Sawyer State Park Derby City BMX located at 3000 Freys Hill Road. In addition to the other bike requirements, Derby City BMX also requires number plates attached to the handle bars although these can be obtained through the track.

Kentucky BMX maintains a list of other tracks and races throughout the state.

Indiana BMX Racing

Columbus, Indiana, has the Columbus BMX track near the Bartholomew Fairgrounds while Indianapolis has two. In the winter, riders flock to the indoor Crossroads BMX facility at 3602 East Michigan. During warmer weather, riders can also visit the outdoor Lake Sullivan BMX track on Coldspring Road.

For more information on BMX tracks throughout Indiana, BMX Indy maintains track information and racing schedules.

BMX Racing for All Ages

New BMX riders will find the sport encourages a supportive atmosphere while allowing riders to learn at an individual pace.